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Access Control Gap in Microsoft Active Directory Widens Enterprise Attack Surface

20 Mar 2023

One researcher thinks trust is broken in AD. Microsoft disagrees that there's a security vulnerability. But enterprise IT environments should be aware of an authentication gap either way.

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IceFire ransomware now encrypts both Linux and Windows systems

13 Mar 2023

Threat actors linked to the IceFire ransomware operation now actively target Linux systems worldwide with a new dedicated encryptor.

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PlugX Trojan Disguised as Legitimate Windows Debugger Tool in Latest Attacks

06 Mar 2023

The PlugX remote access trojan has been observed masquerading as an open source Windows debugger tool called x64dbg in an attempt to circumvent security protections and gain control of a target system.

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Three zero-days require urgent attention for Windows, Exchange

27 Feb 2023

This month's Patch Tuesday update addresses 76 vulnerabilities affecting Windows, Exchange, Office, and Microsoft development tools — including three zero-day flaws already in the wild.

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CISA warns of Windows and iOS bugs exploited as zero-days

20 Feb 2023

The U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has added four security vulnerabilities exploited in attacks as zero-day to its list of bugs known to be abused in the wild.

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