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Microsoft Outlook Flaw Exploited by Russia's APT28 to Hack Czech, German Entities

07 May 2024

Czechia and Germany on Friday revealed that they were the target of a long-term cyber espionage campaign conducted by the Russia-linked nation-state actor known as APT28, drawing condemnation from the European Union (E.U.), the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), the U.K., and the U.S.

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Understanding Vulnerabilities and Configuration issues

03 May 2024

Vulnerabilities refer to flaws or weaknesses in a system that can be exploited by a threat actor to perform unauthorized actions. These vulnerabilities can exist due to inadequate security controls, outdated systems, or inherent weaknesses in software and hardware. Examples include SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and buffer overflow vulnerabilities.

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[Wake Up Call] A Fresh Nespresso Domain Hijack Brews an MFA Phishing Scheme

02 May 2024

Attackers are launching phishing campaigns using an open-redirect vulnerability affecting a website belonging to coffee machine company Nespresso, according to researchers.

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5 Hard Truths About the State of Cloud Security 2024

29 Apr 2024

While cloud security has certainly come a long way since the wild west days of early cloud adoption, the truth is that there's a long way to go before most organizations today have truly matured their cloud security practices. And this is costing organizations tremendously in terms of security incidents.

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A review of zero-day in-the-wild exploits in 2023

28 Mar 2024

In 2023, Google observed 97 zero-day vulnerabilities exploited in-the-wild. That’s over 50 percent more than in 2022, but still shy of 2021’s record of 106. Today, Google published its fifth annual review of zero-days exploited in-the-wild.

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