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Understanding the current status of an organization security postures requires constant evaluation of evolving risks, security standards and cyber regulations. Compliance needs to be viewed as a continuous, organizational process and not a reactive response.

The risk approach is predictive, and compliance is prescriptive. An organizations approach to risk changes are typically proactive, whereas new compliance requirements can take on a reactive approach. The viewpoint of risk is there are gray areas that can be addressed, however in the compliance realm issues are seen in black and white.

The security team is well aware of the cyber risk faced by organization. As a myriad of industry regulations and legislation have increased complexity in C-suite decision making, CISOs must educate executives on new and evolving risks and why investments in cyber security are more critical than ever.

The CISO and other upper management is tasked with making sure the IT organization is aligned with business goals. Various roles throughout your IT organization are responsible for maintaining compliance with laws and regulations governing data and information security. To days complex and distributed IT landscape and third party involvement means organizations must take a structures approach to understand the road ahead. They blend in people, processes, and policies

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Vulnerability Assessment (VA)

Most security teams utilize vulnerability scanners to bring to light security vulnerabilities in their systems, networks, applications, database and procedures. Vulnerability scanning is a vital part of your security team’s overall IT risk management approach for several reasons. Data breaches are often the result of unpatched vulnerabilities.

Leading vulnerability scanners provide users with information about weaknesses in IT environment, insights into degrees of risk from each vulnerability, identifying and eliminating the security gaps and  recommendations on how to mitigate the vulnerability and removes the attack vector. It lets security team to take a proactive approach to close any gaps and maintain strong security posture strategy.

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Data Protetion

Data security is a legitimate organizational risk and warrants serious attention, it’s everyone’s business, whether include data protection, data use, hashing, tokenization, data governance and key management practices that protect data across organization. Your business needs a solution that protecting organizational interests whether to protect brand reputation, intellectual capital, and customer information to data protection management across its lifecycle. 

Data protection is set of strategies and processes you can use to secure the privacy, availability and integrity of your data.

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Endpoint Protection

Endpoint protection is an approach to the protection of computer networks that are remotely bridged to client devices. The endpoint security space has evolved from limited antivirus software into a more comprehensive as it is the critical last line of defense in preventing cyberattack against zero-day exploits, attacks and inadvertent data leakage resulting from human error. Enterprise needs the best possible protection everywhere your data lives.

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