Enhance the security of your remote workforce

And run your mobile operation in new normal safely

The pandemic has transformed the ways many people are working and will most likely continue to change how they work in the future. We have highlighted some legal consequences to consider for organizations with mobile employees and cross-border activities. Smart businesses will start considering how to change their practices to stay ahead of this workforce trend and accommodate employee demand for work mobility.

Company information and security 

It's important to remember that company can't forget about security just because the users aren't on-site. Mobile workers can bring additional security risks if they log in to the company's network through unsecured sources, download sensitive data, attackers can intercept sensitive data being transmitted across wireless network or lose devices containing valuable company information - is now a fact of life for many businesses.  Businesses need to ensure their information-security strategy extends beyond the office so that their data and network remain safe.

Learn how our security solution to enhance the security of your remote workforce and BYOD strategy.

Our Solutions

Secure Mobile Collaboration

High risk. No control. Zero visibility. Not anymore! 

Global CIOs and CISOs trust the secured content firewall to provide protection, privacy and peace of mind of share sensitive data with customers, suppliers and business partners and complex digital supply chains information.  

Learn our solution to protect sensitive information without compromising productivity. With secure content firewall enables users and third party organizations a simple, secure, private way to share confidential information without compromising compliance and data governance and total visibility. 

Digital Workspace

Your business-critical mobile operations have never been bigger or more important. With more devices, operating systems to remote workers, everything must be fast, secure and reliable.

The Digital workspace is a collection of evolving technologies designed around user’s needs that will give them the space and freedom to work securely, from developing and deploying apps, from remotely resolving device issues to providing insight, from device performance to securing sensitive data. 

Take control of your mobility strategy to the next level and simplifies it all.