Accellion Secure File Sharing

Accellion secure file sharing enables easy, secure, compliant online collaboration, data rooms, managed file transfer, chat and SFTP.

The Accellion enterprise content firewall prevents data breaches and compliance violations from 3rd party communications, empowering professionals from every walk of life to do their jobs efficiently — without putting their organizations at risk.

With Accellion, CIOs and CISOs gain complete visibility, compliance and control over IP, PII, PHI, and other sensitive content across all 3rd party communication channels, including email, file sharing, mobile, enterprise apps, web portals, SFTP, and MFT. When users click the Accellion button, they know it’s the safe, secure way to share sensitive information with the outside world.

Accellion secure shared Web folders enable easy online collaboration and simultaneously increase data security, compliance, and governance. Give users the same simple experience that they understand from consumer file sharing apps, while locking down access, enforcing granular permissions, and achieving compliance with total visibility.

Busy road warriors shouldn’t compromise security in the name of efficiency. With the Accellion mobile apps for iOS and Android, employees stay both productive and secure while they’re travelling. The Accellion platform provides safe and simple access to content, so users can find what they need quickly, review and edit it easily, and share it securely with complete compliance. Should a mobile device be lost or stolen, or an employee leave the organization, all sensitive data stored in the Accellion secured container can be remotely wiped.

Accellion secure file sharing empowers employees to work with third parties across a variety of secure channels: collaboration, virtual data rooms (VDR), managed file transfer (MFT), and SFTP. This approach reduces risk and cost by leveraging a common secure file sharing foundation with a single set of controls, governance policies, user management, and data source connectivity. More important, users work with the same folders, contents, and user permissions across these channels, thus reducing errors, speeding responses and improving business outcomes.



Accellion’s product empowers your employees to work together without sacrificing security. Our products include managed file transfer (MFT), SFTP secure connections and compliant security controls all under a single set of controls. This also includes several levels of security like AES-256 encryption, email encryption and user authentication


Use our centralized compliance and governance tools and CISO dashboard with complete visibility over your data and users. Keep detailed logs for compliance reporting and cut costs on unneeded storage


Alongside security, we offer features that make compliance easier, scalable and sustainable. With high-level encryption, Accellion solutions provide data transparency and reporting to provide a single source of evidence for reporting demands.
As a secure cloud platform, our secure file sharing is FIPS 140-2 validated and FedRAMP authorized for government contractors and agencies. Transparency and data controls, along with security, also make Accellion products HIPAA and GDPR compliant


Accellion secure file sharing supports effortless collaboration with internal and external stakeholders using secure VDRs that allow you to control who sees what data and where. Alongside secure VDRs, your team can use cutting-edge productivity tools with Microsoft Office integration to support concurrent file management and email collaboration