Crowdstrike Falcon X

Crowdstrike Falcon X, making predictive security a reality. Falcon X helps you to better understand the threats you face with actionable and customized intelligence to defend against future attacks.

For cyber protection teams that are struggling to respond to cybersecurity alerts and don’t have the time or expertise to get ahead of emerging threats, the CrowdStrike Falcon X™ solution delivers the critical intelligence you need, while eliminating the resource-draining complexity of incident investigations.

Falcon X is the only solution to truly integrate threat intelligence into endpoint protection, automatically performing investigations, speeding response, and enabling security teams to move from a reactive to a predictive, proactive state. With the unique cloud-native CrowdStrike Falcon® platform as a foundation, cyber protection teams can now automatically analyze malware found on endpoints, find related samples from the industry’s largest malware search engine, and enrich the results with customized threat intelligence. This closed-loop system provides security teams with custom indicators of compromise (IOCs) to share with their other security tools as well as intelligence reporting that tells the complete story of the attack. With a complete understanding of the attack, your team is empowered to respond faster and orchestrate proactive countermeasures across your organization.  Falcon X and integrated threat intelligence is the next step for endpoint protection. It takes antivirus and endpoint detection and response alerts to the next level by not only showing what happened on the endpoint, but also revealing the "who, why and how" behind the attack. Understanding the threat at this level is the key to getting ahead of future attacks and raising the cost to the adversary. Falcon X enables customers of all sizes to better understand the threats they face and improves the efficacy of their other security investments with actionable and customized intelligence to defend against future attacks, making proactive security a reality.


Seamless endpoint Integration

Analyze high-impact threats taken directly from your endpoints that are protected by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform. Falcon X analysis is presented as part of the detection details of a Falcon endpoint protection alert. Security teams, regardless of size or skill level, will never miss an opportunity to learn from an attack in their environments.

Save time, effort and money

Automate each step of a cyber threat investigation and reduce analysis time from days to minutes. Falcon X combines malware analysis, malware search and threat intelligence into a seamless solution.

Stop bad actors in their tracks

CrowdStrike threat intelligence provides actor attribution to expose the motives, tools and tradecraft of the attacker. Practical guidance and proactive steps are prescribed so your team can deploy proactive countermeasures and get ahead of future attacks.

Defend against the most relevant threats

Focus your team on threats you actually encountered. Falcon X delivers custom IOCs that are derived from the automated analysis of threats taken directly from your endpoints. Custom IOCs include protection against the threat you just encountered plus related threats within the same campaign or malware family. This exclusive capability leads to a deeper understanding of the threat and a custom set of IOCs to defend against future attacks

Easily integrate countermeasures

Protect against future attacks with IOCs that are easily consumed by your security infrastructure. A rich suite of APIs and pre-built tools enable easy orchestration with existing security solutions.