Secure From-Anywhere Work with Simple, Secure Cloud-based Access to Desktops and Apps. Cloud-based, user- and IT-friendly solutions that protect your organization against advanced cybersecurity threats

Spending time on the internet is no longer a luxury. It has become part of our daily personal lives and is critical to doing our jobs and conducting business. Employees traverse the internet every day, and not just to watch cat videos or do their holiday shopping.

The data and applications that employees need to do their jobs now reside in the cloud and are accessed through the internet.  The need for a persistent connection to the internet is opening up organizations to greater risk, as most cyberattacks target users through their browsers, serving malvertising (malicious ads), click bait that can lead to malicious content, browser-based Trojans, and more. Once a browser is connected to a site, it gives cybercriminals an open door into a user’s machine and, quite likely, your network. Ericom Browser isolation separates browsing activity from endpoint hardware, thereby reducing the device’s attack surface. When a user accesses a web page or app, it is loaded onto a remote browser that serves a rendering of the webpage to the user. The page operates normally, but only pixels are delivered to the user. There is no active content downloaded, so malicious code that may be hidden is kept at bay.


More Secure

Basing RBI policies on URL categorization data is a useful first-pass filtering approach. Certainly, a potentially risky site should not be browsed without isolation. But depending solely on categorization data means trusting other defenses to identify risky content – exposing organizations to unnecessary cyber-risk. Assessing the threat level of every website requested, regardless of category, and applying RBI where needed, dramatically improves security

Simple for IT

Choose “Intelligent Isolation” as your policy and Ericom’s cloud RBI service does the rest. IT and security teams no longer need to invest scarce time and manpower in the never-ending, resource-intensive process of adapting policies in a cat-and-mouse game with attackers. Depend on Ericom to bring comprehensive threat intelligence and RBI to bear to keep malware off your devices

Easy for Users

Users can securely access all the sites they need to in order to accomplish their work, risk-free. With IT secure in the knowledge that the organization is protected from web threats, users will no longer experience the frustration of coming up against blocked websites, having to call IT help desks to request access, and waiting out delays in doing their work

More Efficient

Focus the power of Remote Browser Isolation on the area where it is most needed – the risky websites that lead to compromised devices, disrupted networks, and lost data. Real-time threat intelligence allows your security team to surgically apply RBI to the users and the activity that represents the highest risk to your organization