Forcepoint DLP

Forcepoint DLP protects organizations from information leaks and data loss at the perimeter and inside the organization, as well as in certain Infrastructure as a Service platforms.

Data security is a never-ending challenge. On one hand, IT organizations are required to keep up with regulations and protect intellectual property from targeted attacks and accidental exposure. On the other, they must adapt to macro IT movements, such as the adoption of cloud applications, hybrid cloud environments and BYOD trends, all of which increase the ways data can leave your organization.

This expanding attack surface poses the most significant challenge to protecting critical data. Data security teams take the seemingly logical approach to chase data: find it, catalogue it and control it. Yet this traditional approach to data loss prevention is no longer effective because it ignores the biggest variable in data security — your people.

DLP with only preventive controls frustrates users who will circumvent them with the sole intention of completing a task. Going around security results in unnecessary risk and inadvertent data exposure. Forcepoint DLP recognizes your people as the front lines of today’s cyber threats. Forcepoint DLP addresses human-centric risk with visibility and control everywhere your people work and everywhere your data resides. Security teams apply user-risk scoring to focus on the events that matter most and to accelerate compliance with global data regulations.


Control all your data with one single policy

Replace broad, sweeping rules with individualized, adaptive data security that doesn’t slow down your employees. Block actions only where you need to, and drive productivity

Simplify compliance with predefined policies

View and control all of your data with the industry's largest pre-defined policy library. Ensure regulatory compliance across 80+ countries for GDPR, CCPA and more. Deploy data classification with Boldon James and Azure Information Protection

Protect critical intellectual property with unsurpassed accuracy

Protect PII and PHI, company financials, trade secrets, credit card data, and other pieces of sensitive customer data-even in images. Follow intellectual property (IP) in both structured and unstructured forms, and stop low & slow data theft even when user devices are off-network.

Prevent data breaches automatically

Automatically block actions based on an individual user's risk level with risk-adaptive data protection.