IBM Guardium

IBM Guardium helps you safeguard your critical data by ensuring the integrity of information and automates compliance controls across your heterogeneous environments

IBM® Security Guardium® Data Protection empowers security teams to safeguard sensitive data through automated discovery, classification, vulnerability assessments, activity monitoring and advanced threat detection — extending comprehensive data protection across heterogeneous environments, including databases, data warehouses, mainframes, file systems, file shares, cloud and big data platforms.

The solution continuously monitors all data access operations in realtime to detect unauthorized actions, based on detailed contextual information—the “who, what, where, when and how” of each data access. Guardium Data Protection reacts automatically to help prevent unauthorized or suspicious activities by privileged insiders and potential hackers. It automates data security governance controls in heterogeneous enterprises.

Guardium Data Protection improves security and helps accelerate compliance through a set of core capabilities that help reduce operational risk and total cost of ownership.


Automatically locate databases and discover and classify sensitive information within them

Automatically assess database vulnerabilities and configuration flaws

Ensure that configurations are locked down after recommended changes are implemented

Enable high visibility at a granular level into database transactions that involve sensitive data

Track activities of end users who access data indirectly through enterprise applications

Monitor and enforce a wide range of policies, including sensitive data access, database change control, and privileged user actions

Create a single, secure centralized audit repository for large numbers of heterogeneous systems and databases

Automate the entire compliance auditing process, including creating and distributing reports as well as capturing comments and signatures