Jetico provides wiping for all sensitive information throughout the lifecycle.

Standard file deletion only removes references to files while the contents remain intact on your hard drive in various places like free space and file slack. Confidential files you intended to erase could easily be restored with widely available undelete tools. Wiping is the term used to describe the process of securely erasing data, such as contents of a file or disk space. When files are properly wiped, data is erased beyond recovery.

Wiping is necessary because when you just ‘delete’ files from your computer, the operating system does not erase the contents of these files from the hard drive – only the ‘references’, or links, to these files are removed. Sensitive data that you intended to erase still remains intact on your hard drive and can easily be restored with widely available undelete, or data recovery, tools. BCWipe is a powerful, military grade data wiping tool that utilizes U.S. DoD 5220.22-M and many other standards and schemes. BCWipe also allows the users to create and use their own custom wiping schemes. To protect the data you keep, Jetico also offers BestCrypt software for strong encryption that’s easy to use – wherever you store sensitive data. BestCrypt offers robust algorithms, supports all major operating systems and allows you to keep any form of data (files, documents, pictures, databases) in encrypted form on the hard disk, network disks, removable media CDs/DVDs and even floppies. BestCrypt provides on-the-fly data encryption for transparent encrypt/decrypt operations. Nobody can read the data unless they have the right password or keys. So if your computer were ever lost or stolen, you would be certain that your personal information is secure and cannot be obtained by someone else.


Securely erase selected files, including Data Remanence.

Remove all traces of user activities, including browser & Windows history. 

Wipe files from classified sessions on periods processing workstations (shared computers)

Clean up ‘classified data spills’ – when data resides somewhere it shouldn’t

Follow compliance and regulation requirements regarding data wiping