Lookout AppDefense

Lookout App Defense enables leading consumer companies to prevent data compromise for mobile apps. It provides comprehensive visibility and advanced security against the spectrum of mobile risk.

Mobile apps are integral to our everyday activities. As we continue to increase our usage of tablets and smartphones, apps have become the primary way we manage our personal and professional livelihood. Your mobile app is now your storefront. An easy-touse app can differentiate you in the market, earn new customers, and retain current ones. But just as you have security for your physical and online stores, you also need to ensure the way your mobile app handles sensitive data is secure.

With pressure to ensure your customers have the best mobile experience, developers are often tasked to quickly bring innovative app updates to market. Since security and development teams have traditionally operated separately, it is difficult to ensure that each new version of your app is secure. Moreover, there are severe limitations to how traditional malware detection solutions secure mobile apps. Threat protection relies on security telemetry from third-party databases and can only detect threats based on signatures and hashes. As a result, weeks-long protection gaps can leave your customer’s exposed to real-time threats. 

Lookout Embedded AppDefense provides advanced detection of all types of mobile threats. With just a few lines of code, the Lookout SDK is able to check the health of your customer’s device in real-time. We ensure that only healthy devices have access to your app and their financial, personal and health data. When a device is not secure, we provide you with the information needed to perform remediation workflows.

The Lookout AppDefense Developer portal is an easy-touse web application that enables developers to configure and manage the integrations of multiple internal and external mobile apps. This includes obtaining secure API keys to the Lookout Security Graph, registering iOS and Android apps and downloading Lookout SDK documentation. In addition, it can be used for debugging, testing applications and gaining visibility into security events on mobile devices.


Detect the latest mobile threats with cloud-powered detection

Leverage industry-leading AI backed by the world’s largest mobile dataset

Efficiently secure the customer experience with rapid, frictionless deployment

Provide users with enterprise-level security at consumer scale

Enable your risk, compliance and SOC teams with the threat intel API

Visualize the app risk posture of your mobile user base

Align with compliance standards without collecting any PII