Rapid7 InsightVM

Rapid7 InsightVM helps you to get better understanding the risk in your modern environment

As modern networks evolve, your risk exposure changes by the minute. Each year you see the amount of data grow exponentially, the threat of attacks become more sophisticated, and the challenges of minimizing risk and optimizing operations are becoming more challenging. It sometimes feels like a never-ending battle, but overcoming risk is possible by understanding it. How? Through shared visibility, analytics, and automation—principles core to the practice of SecOps.

Utilizing the power of Rapid7’s Insight platform and the heritage of the award-winning Nexpose product, InsightVM provides a fully available, scalable, and efficient way to collect your vulnerability data, turn it into answers, and minimize risk. InsightVM leverages the latest analytics and endpoint technology to discover vulnerabilities in a real-time view, pinpoint their location, prioritize them for your business, facilitate collaboration with other teams, and confirm your exposure has been reduced.

Adapt to your modern network with full visibility of your ecosystem, prioritization of risk using attacker-based analytics, and SecOps-powered remediation. Pair that with unparalleled, ongoing research of the attacker mindset, and you’ll be ready to act before impact.


Vulnerability validation and prioritization

Validation provides impact-driven confirmation to help you prioritize and make informed decisions on your remediation plan.

Freed up resources

Our Managed Vulnerability Management team can handle the configuration, scanning, and reporting for you, so that your team doesn’t spend extra time getting trained or offloading other important initiatives

Measurement of your program’s ROI

Monitor the success of your vulnerability management program with a metric-driven scorecard based on your own program goals. You’ll also get a quarterly Rapid7 collaborative review to ensure program success

Reduction of operational overload

When we manage your vulnerability scanning remotely, we remove the burden of hiring resources as well as maintaining hardware upgrades and software updates

Maximization of the InsightVM technology

Your vulnerability management program needs proper attention and regular analysis to raise your security posture to its fullest potential. Our Managed Vulnerability Management team will fill in for you when you don’t have in-house skills or resources

Knowledge of the attacker mindset

InsightVM is the only vulnerability management product to combine assessment of vulnerabilities with controls, validation, and prioritized remediation planning into a single solution. Run and managed by our experts, our technology will allow you to more effectively and efficiently reduce the attack surface and manage risk

Regular network assessment

Regularly-scheduled audits focus on specific areas of infrastructure and compliance needs. Benefit from quarterly business reviews with management to discuss the health and status of your vulnerability management program.

Targeted scanning and reporting

Focused scanning and reporting on infrastructure areas (internal, external, web application, database, etc.) or compliance specific to your organization. Reports can be role-based and incorporate asset and vulnerability filters

Key reports and executive briefings

Delivered reports of executive summary, technical details, baseline comparison, remediation reports, and limited customized reports, as your organization requires. And your Customer Advisor is able to join your executive or board level reviews to help articulate the progress