Thycotic prevents cyberattacks by securing passwords, protecting endpoints, and controlling application access.

Privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, superuser accounts and more are the preferred targets for hackers these days. Once compromised, these privileged credentials give attackers the “keys to the kingdom,” allowing them to gain access as a trusted user to your most sensitive and critical information.

Unfortunately, these privileged accounts are all too often unknown, unmanaged, and unprotected. If they are not properly managed and secured, your organization could suffer disastrous consequences.

Thycotic protects organizations against cyber-attacks that use privileged accounts to strike at the core of the enterprise. Thycotic Secret Server delivers an indispensable, comprehensive Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution to protect your most valuable information assets from cyber attacks and insider threats.

Unlike any other security offering, Thycotic Secret Server ensures the protection of privileged accounts while being the fastest to deploy, easiest to use, scalable enterprise-class solution offered at a competitive price. Already securing privileged account access for more than 3,000 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 500 enterprises, Thycotic Secret Server is simply your best value for PAM protection.


Efficient security tool

All Thycotic solutions are created to help users securely manage their company’s passwords and protect their controls access and endpoints. Thycotic Secret Server is a password management program that helps IT staff to manage and secure their organization’s privileged account passwords

Simple to use platform

Thycotic Secret Server is an easily manageable and user-friendly system that can scale and adapt to your firm’s unique environment. It is not intrusive and is ideal for all types of users. The software gives you comprehensive password protection, including a multi-layered method to shield all your endpoints, privileged accounts, and password

Fast deployment

Thycotic Secret Server can be implemented rapidly, thereby ensuring fast time to value. Since the platform is easy to use, your IT staff don’t need special training to get the hang of the system and use it effectively. Further, you can easily generate integrated reports to ensure your organization adheres to compliance requirements and policies, including SOX, CIP, NERC, NIST, PCI, and others

Reliable support

If you run into any issues, you can contact Thycotic’s friendly and knowledgeable support team via phone or email to get prompt and effective resolutions for the problems and be up and running again in quick time.